Air Conditioner Not Producing Enough Cold Air: Learn To Troubleshoot This Common Problem


Is your air conditioner running, but producing very little cold air? If so, you should know that this problem is quite common. Furthermore, this problem can often be corrected without the need to hire a professional HVAC contractor. To complete this task, simply begin by checking each of the common culprits listed below and performing the required actions to eliminate the problems that each of them can cause.

Dirty Air Filter

If your air filter is clogged with dirt and debris, the amount of air that is allowed to pass through this filter and into your air conditioner may be significantly decreased. As you can imagine, the less air your cooling system is able to take in, the less air the system will ultimately be able to put out. Thankfully, while this issue is incredibly common, it is also incredibly easy to fix.

In order to determine if this is the problem with your air conditioner, simply remove your air filter and allow the system to run for a few minutes. If this corrects the problem, you will have successfully found your culprit. To fix this problem for the long term, simply replace your old filter with a clean filter and be sure to continue replacing this filter on a monthly basis.

Frozen Cooling Coils

If your air conditioning unit is unable to circulate air properly over an extended period of time, the cooling coils inside this unit will often freeze. When this happens, the flow of air will be restricted even further as the blocks of ice on your cooling coils begin to take up significant space within the unit. Consequently, even if a dirty air filter was your original problem, you may still experience a reduction in air flow even after replacing this filter.

In order to correct this problem, you will need to turn off your air conditioning system for several hours in order to allow time for the coils to defrost. After a few hours have gone by, simply turn your air conditioner back on and see if your air flow has increased.

In Conclusion

While it is often possible to troubleshoot the cause of your decrease in air flow without the services of an HVAC contractor, there will be times when these services are required. For instance, if your air conditioning system has become clogged with dirt and debris, you will require the use of a professional repair contractor from a company like Airquip Heating & Air Conditioning to remove this buildup and restore proper function to your cooling system.


20 October 2014

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