How To Stay Cool Without Blasting Your Central Air Conditioner


The arrival of summer means the arrival of heat waves, but it doesn't have to mean the arrival of high air conditioning bills. There are plenty of creative ways to stay cool to avoid using your air conditioner without having to sweat it out. Here are just a few of them.

Watch What You Eat

Did you ever wonder why summer barbecues are so popular? It isn't just because the food tastes good.

Barbecuing started in the South as a way to have a great meal without having the stove or oven heat up the home. You don't need to use your grill every night, but the more meals you can plan that don't use your stove or oven, the cooler you'll stay.

The type of foods that you eat also affect your body temperature. Heavy meals heat you up as you digest the food while fruits, salads, and cold cuts can help you feel cooler.

Build Up Your Garden

Use your garden to create cooling shade around your house. Plant trees so that they block direct sunlight into your windows during the summer. With careful planning and research into the sun angles in your area, you can position them so you still get warming sunlight during the winter.

Bushes and flower beds around your outside walls can also block sunlight as well as heat radiating off of the ground. Just remember to keep the areas around your ground level windows and doors free of places where burglars could hide.

Bushes can also help your air conditioning system run more efficiently. The cooler your outside unit is, the less it will cost to cool your home. Give it shade, but leave at least two feet of space around it for maintenance access.

Consider Spot Air Conditioning

Do you have trouble sleeping when it's warm or just finding yourself wanting to sit in the cold after a long, hot day outside? Don't make the mistake of spending money to cool your entire house.

Instead, consider adding a window or ductless air conditioner to one or two rooms that you want to have at a lower temperature. Leave your main thermostat alone or even turn it up. While you'll need to pay for the installation, it's an investment into lower electrical bills down the road.

To learn more ways to stay cool or to make sure your air conditioner is running at top efficiency, contact a local air conditioning contractor, such as Dale's Heating & Appliance, today.


2 March 2016

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