Live In A Hot Climate? Ways To Give Your AC Unit A Little Help In Keeping Your Home Cool


If you live in a hot climate, your air conditioning unit may run more to keep your home cool. This can result in spending more money in energy bills, as well as put undue stress on your air conditioning unit. Below are some ways you can give your air conditioning unit some help.

Make Sure the Unit is in the Shade

According to the Department of Energy, placing an air conditioner unit in the shade can increase its efficiency up to 10 percent.  When the air around an air conditioning unit is hot, the unit will have to work hard to cool this air down before it blows into your house.

If your unit is not in the shade, there are some things you can do. Shade the entire side of your home using an awning. You do need to make sure the awning is large enough to shade as much of an area as it can around the unit, as the more the surrounding air is shaded the better.

Plant some shrubs and tall trees around the unit, but make sure you leave enough space so the unit can get sufficient air. Ask a contractor how far back you should plant them. Planting trees near windows can save you even more money, as they will block out sun and keep your house cooler.

Keep Your Thermostat Cool

If the air around the thermostat is hot, it will cause the temperature in your home to rise, which will then make your air conditioning unit turn on. To prevent this from happening, do not place the thermostat near heat producing appliances, such as television sets and lamps. Also, do not install the thermostat near a window where the sun will shine directly on it.

Insulate Your Home

If your home has proper insulation it will stay cooler, which means your air conditioning unit will not run as much. Hire a contractor to come to your home to check the insulation to make sure you have enough. Even if you currently have it, it may not be thick enough to provide the right insulation. They should check the insulation in the walls. They can do this by placing small holes in the interior walls to gain access the insulation. In some cases, they can check existing holes, such as electrical receptacles.  The insulation in the attic should also be checked.

Following these tips will allow you and your family to stay cool during the hot summer. Contact a business, such as Pristine Air Conditioning Corp, for more information.   


9 March 2016

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