What To Do If You Discover A Small Leak In A Pipe


Coming across a leaking pipe is always concerning. Of course if the leak is large, you should turn off the main water supply immediately and call the emergency plumber. But what about when the leak is just a little trickle? You have a bit more time to work here, but you do need to take care of the problem. Here's what to do:

Step 1: Place a bucket under the leak.

There's no sense letting any more water get all over the floor. Place a bucket under the leaking section of the pipe to catch the water.

Step 2: Turn off the water.

It will be easier to work with the pipe if it's not leaking water while you work. Thus, you will want to locate the shutoff valve and turn it off to stop the flow of water. There will still be some water in the pipe, but the bucket is there to catch it if it trickles out.

Step 3: Purchase a pipe wrap.

Pipe wraps made from fiberglass materials can be used to patch small leaks in pipes. Head to your local hardware store and purchase one. The employee or owner of the hardware store should be able to recommend a good brand.  While you're at the store, also pick up some sandpaper and latex gloves (or neoprene gloves if you're allergic to latex).

Step 4: Sand the pipe.

Both metal and PVC pipes tend to be very smooth. Use sandpaper to roughen up the pipe surrounding the leak in order to help the pipe wrap to adhere more tightly.

Step 5: Soak the pipe wrap.

Follow the instructions on the pipe wrap to soak it in water. Most must be soaked for a couple of minutes. This will make the wrap pliable. Adding water to the package that the pipe wrap came in is generally the easiest way to soak it.

Step 6: Wrap the pipe.

Start directly over the leak, and wrap the pipe wrap around the pipe. After wrapping a few times around, move the wrap to one side slightly and then over to the other side slightly in order to ensure you have plenty of wrap on either side of the leaking area. Keep wrapping until you have no more wrap left. Press down on the end of the pipe wrap, and then squeeze it tightly with your hands for a couple of minutes, or for as long as recommended on the package.

Step 7: Let it dry.

The pipe wrap package will tell you how long the wrap needs to rest. Plan on at least 30 minutes. After this time has commenced, you can turn the water back on.

If your pipe still leaks after being wrapped, then it's time to call a plumber from a company like A Absolute Plumbing & Heating to fix or replace the pipe.


9 March 2016

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