How To Minimize The Visual Impact Of An AC Condenser Unit


At the heart of your home's cooling system is the condenser unit--in other words, that large, boxy thing sitting out there in your backyard. To many people, the condenser represents a highly intrusive element in their yard's design. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies to reduce the visual impact of an air conditioning condenser unit. Read on to learn four different yet equally effective tactics.

Install an ornamental fence around it.

This may be the most common means of hiding an unattractive condenser unit. It is an especially effective strategy in yards with an ample amount of space. Try to select a type of fencing that meshes with the existing aesthetic of your yard, as well as nearby structural elements of your house. Maintaining continuity in terms of materials, color scheme, and visual patterning is the best way to ensure that result is as inconspicuous as possible.

Integrate it in an outdoor storage area.

An ornamental fence isn't always an option, especially in smaller yards, where it would end up drawing just as much unwanted attention as the condenser itself. In that case, it may work better to hide the condenser unit inside of an outdoor storage area for gardening tools, pool supplies, and watering hoses. The key here is to leave an adequate space for ventilation both above and on the sides of the condenser. Some people even go so far as to erect a full-scale shed around their air conditioning unit.

Use vegetation in strategic ways.

If the utilitarian approach doesn't sound appealing to you either, consider going the green-thumb route instead. A screen of vegetation will not only hide the clunky condenser, but it will also increase the overall visual appeal of your yard. There are a number of different routes you can go here, from planting new bushes and shrubs, to installing a trellis up which attractive climbing plants can grow. Just be aware that it will take at least one full growing season for this strategy to have the desired effect.

Redesign the layout of your yard.

For some people, an overly conspicuous condenser unit is just one of many yard related problems. In that case, you might be best off undertaking a full-scale redesign project. A landscape architect will likely be able to re-envision your yard in any number of ways--most of which will likely include a discreet means of hiding that air conditioning condenser. For more information about your AC system, contact an HVAC company like D & R Service Inc.


15 December 2016

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