3 Signs That Your HVAC System Needs Tuning Up


Nearly every home nowadays has an HVAC system installed in their home. This is great because it can keep your home a comfortable temperature year round, and each year the systems are getting more and more efficient. But too many people fail to recognize that just because they system is working properly doesn't mean that it doesn't need some kind of maintenance. Here are some things you should be looking for in your system to know it is time for some air conditioning repair.

1. The Rooms Aren't Equal Temperatures

One of the first things you should be looking for is how good the rooms are cooling or heating. Ideally each room should be about the same temperature, depending on if you are heating or cooling. The problem comes when the temperature changes from one room to the other. For instance, if you walk into one bedroom and it is 63 degrees and then the room right next door to it is 78 degrees, then it could mean you have an issue. It could be an issue with the air ducts, or it could be that the system isn't working properly. Whatever it is, it is not normal and should be attended to.

 2. Your Energy Bill Has Gone Up

It is normal for your energy bill to vary from month to month. As the weather gets colder or hotter you will see your gas and electric bill rise and fall. The problem comes when you see a spike in one of those things. You might see a major change in the bill even though the weather didn't change drastically. Additionally, when you look at the usage you will see is progressively get more and more. This means that system isn't working like it should and that it is taking more and more to work properly. By getting a simple tune-up you could save money in the long run.

3. You Haven't Been Getting Annual Tune-Ups

Lastly, you should always be getting annual tune ups on your system. People think they are saving money by avoiding doing their tune up and maintenance on the system. But usually you can get a special on it, and in so doing you can avoid having much problems that would end up costing you more money. This is why preventing problems is so much better than fixing damaged problems.

These are just a couple simple things that you should be looking for to make sure your HVAC system doesn't need a tune up. 


5 January 2018

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