Why Your HVAC Is Tripping Circuit Breaker


You have a serious problem on your hands if your HVAC's circuit breaker keeps tripping every time you reset it. In fact, after the first two times, you should stop resetting the breaker until the issue is diagnosed and resolved. Otherwise, you may cause further problems for your wiring or HVAC system. Here are some of the reasons an HVAC may trip up the circuit breaker:

The HVAC Has Air Circulation Issues

Proper air circulation is integral to efficient HVAC operations; lots of things go wrong when HVAC air circulation is restricted. For example, the HVAC may ramp up its operations in a bid to maintain the desired temperature if it's suffering from air circulation issues. Unfortunately, this may force the system to draw more power than it is meant to operate on, which may trip the breaker. This may be the case, for example, if the filters are extremely dirty or if the outside HVAC unit is clogged with dirt.

The HVAC Motor Is Sorted

The HVAC motor is what keeps everything moving, from the fans to the air, which means it's also crucial for the operations of the HVAC. The motor, being an electrical component, can suffer from an electrical short-circuit under some circumstances. For example, an overheated motor or aging motor may suffer short-circuit when the insulation on its wiring breaks down. If this happens, the breaker will trip because this is preciously the kind of situation the breaker is designed to help with.

The Compressor Has Malfunctioned

The HVAC compressor draws in cool, unpressurized refrigerant gas from the indoors and "squeezes" it to increase its temperature and pressure. The high pressure and temperature gas is circulated outside where it loses its heat before being circulated inside again.

There are two main reasons why a compressor malfunction may trip the electrical breaker. For one, an aging compressor may trip the breaker when its accumulated wear and tear causes it to draw more power than usual, especially when starting. Secondly, an electrical short in the compressor may also trip up the breaker (as it causes electricity to flow where it shouldn't)

The Electric Breaker Is Defective

Lastly, you may also think that the HVAC is causing the breaker to trip up while, in the real sense, it is the breaker or breaker panel that is defective. This may be the case, for example, if the breaker is aging, has been damaged in a storm or has been damaged by too much electricity.

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26 October 2018

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