Important Reasons To Have Your AC Serviced Annually Even If Your AC Is New


If your air conditioner is fairly new, you may be tempted to skip the annual maintenance call in order to save some money. However, even new air conditioners need to be serviced regularly. The price for an annual tuneup is not that expensive, especially when compared to the cost of repairs you might need if you run your AC when it's dirty. Here's why you should have AC maintenance on an annual basis starting when your air conditioner is new.

A Dirty Air Conditioner Causes Major Problems

Even a new air conditioner can get dirty after a season of use and then sitting idle all winter. Dust and dirt can clog up your AC and restrict airflow. This causes your AC to run inefficiently, and your home may not get as cool. Your AC may run longer or short cycle, which is kicking on and off frequently without running very long at a time. This happens when your AC overheats and shuts down for safety reasons.

Dirt on the coils causes a similar problem. When dust and dirt coat the coils, they act as insulation that keeps warm air from making contact with the cold coils. As a result, the coils can ice over, and when that happens, your AC will stop working.

Both the indoor and outdoor units should be cleaned and serviced during an annual maintenance call to keep your AC running efficiently so your power bills aren't high. Regular maintenance can prevent problems such as overheating due to dust that could damage parts and lead to expensive repairs.

A Dirty Drain Line Can Even Cause Water Damage

You might not realize it, but a dirty, clogged drain line might cause water damage to your home or to your HVAC. Your AC has a small drain that carries condensation water to the outside of your house. It's possible that dirt or algae can get inside the drain and build up until it clogs off or has restricted flow. When that happens, condensation can't drain out of the collection pan, and the water spills over. If you don't know about this problem, your floor could sustain water damage. When your AC is serviced, the technician checks and cleans the drain to make sure it's clear and functioning properly.

Your new air conditioner may not have many worn parts yet, but it never hurts to check them and lubricate parts just to be safe. When your AC is new, keeping it clean is one of the most important aspects of a maintenance call because once dirt and dust build up, your AC will run more than it should and wear out faster, your power bill will be higher, and parts of the AC might be damaged and need to have repairs all because the air conditioner was full of dust or grime.

For more information, contact a local AC maintenance company. 


10 April 2019

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