Is Your Home A Secret Plumbing Disaster?


Nobody likes dealing with plumbing problems, but there's a huge difference between minor leaks and major problems. Every home will eventually suffer from a clogged drain, low water pressure, or other minor plumbing annoyances but in most cases, these are limited problems that don't signal something worse waiting in the wings. However, minor problems can sometimes indicate a much larger issue lurking in your home's plumbing or septic system. Keep an eye out for these symptoms so that small problems can be tackled before they become massive headaches.

One Leak After Another

Water will tend to find the path of least resistance, and for old, corroded pipes this means that water is exceptionally good at finding weak spots. If you notice that every leak you fixed seems to be followed by another cropping up a few months later, it is possible that your home's old copper pipes are badly corroded and in need of a total replacement. Often, even pipes that look good on the outside can have serious internal corrosion issues. As water flows through these pipes, those weak, corroded areas are further weakened until a new leak appears. Plugging that leak simply creates more pressure in the pipe, which will eventually find its way out from another weak spot.

Grass That's Too Green

If your home has a septic system, then unusually healthy-looking grass near your leach field is a definite sign of trouble. The purpose of your home's drain field is to filter out waste from your septic system, and unusually green grass could indicate a leak or other issue. If your home doesn't have a septic tank and you notice a similar patch elsewhere on your yard, try to determine if that patch happens to be near your sewer line. If it is, you may have a below ground sewer leak which is allowing nutrient-rich wastewater to seep into the ground.

Malodorous Drains

A recurring theme with major plumbing issues is that they tend to affect most or all of the home. One leak probably doesn't indicate a deeper problem, but repeated leaks almost certainly do. Likewise, with drain issues. If you notice an odd smell from a single drain, there are a number of potentially small problems that could be the root cause. Bad smells from every drain in your home are cause for concern. If you notice that you've got a persistent smelly drain problem, it is likely that you have one or more serious sewer issues.

The Sudden Appearance of Mold

Most people know that water damage is always a plumbing emergency, but a more subtle sign is the sudden appearance of mold on walls, ceilings, or floors. If you notice mold growing in your home, don't simply clean it up and move on. If there was recently a spill or leak nearby then it is possible that the moisture allowed mold to take hold, but if there is no obvious cause then you may have a hidden leak. Even if there is only a small amount of mold, always attempt to locate the source of the moisture before considering the problem resolved.

The key to avoiding major plumbing expenses is to stay on top of problems as they arise so that they don't quickly grow into costly catastrophes. If you notice the signs of an underlying issue with your home's plumbing, it's time to contact a residential plumbing services immediately to diagnose and resolve the problem.


18 May 2019

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