What To Consider When Investing In A New Commercial Refrigeration System


Many industries rely on commercial refrigeration equipment each day. This equipment is designed to maintain cool temperatures within a large space. The type of refrigeration equipment you choose to install can have a direct effect on the success of your business over time.

Consider these important factors before purchasing a commercial refrigeration system so that you can set your business up for success once the installation is complete.

Space Limitations

The size of the commercial refrigeration system you are able to install will be dependent on the amount of space you have available within your facility. Take the time to determine where the refrigerator will be located, then measure the amount of space available in that area.

You want to purchase a refrigerator that is large enough to fill the entire available space, even if you don't anticipate needing that much immediate storage space. A large refrigerator will allow your company the room it needs to grow once the installation process is complete.


Commercial refrigeration systems feature cooling equipment of all kinds. Most people think of the traditional upright refrigerator when planning to install a refrigeration system in their commercial facility, but you aren't limited to this design.

You can choose a cooler that sits lower to the ground and resembles a display case. You can install coolers that have sliding doors to help minimize the amount of space required to access the cooler. You can also select from refrigerators of varying sizes- including models that your employees can easily walk into.

Determine the equipment design that will best meet your cold storage needs over time before you schedule the installation of your commercial refrigeration system.

Construction Materials

Another factor that can affect the installation process is the type of materials used to construct your commercial refrigeration equipment. Coolers can be made from plastic, glass, or stainless steel.

Most commercial facilities opt to go with stainless steel equipment. Stainless steel is impervious to corrosion and it can easily be sanitized to prevent the spread of germs. Talk to your commercial refrigeration installation contractor to determine which material is best suited to withstand the environmental conditions inside your facility. 

The installation of a commercial refrigeration system is something that must be given careful thought and attention. Choosing the right equipment will help to ensure that you have the cooling capacity available to meet consumer demands as your company grows over time.


25 July 2019

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