End Of Summer Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist


The end of summer is near. As temperatures begin to cool down, you will stop using your air conditioning unit. When your unit is last used, you should take certain steps to help keep your air conditioning unit in good condition during the winter. Here is a checklist of important things you should do at the end of summer for your air conditioning unit. 

Replace the Filter in Your Air Conditioner At the end of summer, you should take the time to replace the filter in your air conditioning unit. The filter is likely full of debris following its use all summer. You do not want the dirt and dust in the filter to blow into your unit when it becomes windy or rainy during the fall and winter months. Cleaning the filter helps to prevent this. 

Visually Inspect Your Air Conditioning Unit  Another step to take at the end of summer is to visually inspect your air conditioning unit. As you inspect the unit, look for signs of damage. This may include bent fan blades, rust anywhere on the unit, or cracks or holes in the condensation hose. If you notice any damage to your unit, you will want to call in a professional to make the needed repairs. This helps to prevent any surprises when you get ready to use your unit next summer. 

Give Your Air Conditioning Unit Space One of the lesser known steps to take at the end of summer is to give your air conditioning unit some space. Take the time to trim tree branches and shrubs back away from the air conditioning unit. This prevents branches from hitting the unit when it is windy and debris from trees and shrubs from entering your unit. 

Have Your Air Conditioning Unit Professionally Cleaned and Inspected The final step that you may need to do at the end of summer is to have your air conditioning unit professionally cleaned and inspected. It is recommended that you do this one time per year. Some people prefer to do it before summer, while others prefer to do it at the end of summer. If your unit has not been professionally cleaned and inspected this year, the end of summer is the time to do it. 

The end of summer is a great time to inspect your air conditioning unit and have any repairs that are needed made. If your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan, you may want to consider having your unit replaced now as well. Taking these steps helps to ensure your air conditioning unit is ready to go when summer rolls around again next year. 


31 August 2019

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