4 Ways To Prepare For A New Furnace Installation


People often underestimate the importance of their furnace until it goes out. However, once you experience the chill of a winter night, you learn just how important this appliance is. Therefore, the installation of a new furnace is even more important. Although the heavy lifting is left up to the HVAC installation team, there are some things you can do to make the installation process go even smoother; here are just some of them. 

1. Clean the Work Area

Make certain you clean the area around the installation site. In order to protect the unit, as well as the safety of the technicians, the work area must be clear of any dangerous obstructions. Clutter won't just reduce the threat of injury or damage to the unit, but it can also slow the amount of time it takes to install the new unit. When you clean the area, you have a smoother installation overall. 

2. Prepare Operation Questions

It's a good idea to do some more research on the furnace that you plan to have installed so that you can prepare a list of questions that you want to ask about the unit. From how to operate the furnace to how to ensure that it's operating efficiently to what red flags you should keep your eyes open for, the more research you do, the more equipped you are to ask the important questions right after the installation.

3. Safeguard Pets and Children

It's a good idea to ensure you safeguard any pets in the home as well as your children. Again, safety is of the utmost importance to the technicians that will install the new furnace in your home. If your pets and children are able to run freely around the installation area, it greatly increases the risk of injury to them. A great protective measure is to let your animals outside or keep them in a closed room and keep your children occupied. 

4. Double-Check the Unit

The technicians that install your unit will take a great deal of care to prepare the unit. However, the reality is that mistakes can happen. For example, the manufacturer or supplier could mistakenly send the wrong unit. You can do your part to help avoid any problems later down the line by asking the technician to double-check that the furnace is the specific make and model that you originally ordered. 

When it comes to preparing for your furnace installation, it's always a good idea to speak with the technician who will perform your installation to learn exactly what steps you need to take to prepare. For more information about furnace installation services, contact a professional.  


12 May 2020

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