Tips for Getting a New Furnace Installed


If your furnace is getting old, it's time to consider having it replaced instead of putting more and more money into repairs. Replacing a furnace is a big job, but once it's done, your furnace should last for many years if you maintain it properly. Here are some things to do to get ready for your new furnace.

Pick the Location

If your furnace is in the basement and you're contemplating finishing the basement, you might want to move the furnace. Changing the location adds to the expense since you might need to have a new gas hookup or electrical connections installed too.

Whether you move the furnace out of the basement or keep it in its original place, talk to the installation contractor about things you may need to do to protect the furnace or your home. You may need to place the furnace on a rubber mat to help keep it quiet or elevate it to protect it from water.

Have the Ducts Tested

If you're going to keep your old ducts, you'll want them tested for leaks. You don't want to pay more for an efficient furnace and then lose heated air through a leaky duct. This is also a good time to think about having your old ducts cleaned to get rid of dust buildup. Then, as long as the ducts are still in good shape, they'll almost be good as new once they're clean.

Choose the Furnace

Get advice from a heating professional when you're choosing a new furnace. Size is important because a unit that's too big for your house may short cycle, and that shortens the life of the furnace. A contractor can help you size the unit appropriately.

There are also several choices to make when selecting the type of furnace you'll get. You may want to discuss the benefits of a high-efficiency furnace, or whether you should get features such as an added humidifier or air purifier.

Prepare for Installation Day

Furnace installation can be done in the winter if necessary, but it's best to plan the timing in advance so you won't need to use the furnace to stay comfortable while the work is being done. When the furnace installation contractor visits your house for the initial appointment, ask about things you'll need to do to prep your home for installation day.

There needs to be plenty of room to work and carry large objects, so you may need to clear hallways or boxes of stored items in your basement. You may also want to clean the area to get rid of dust that could get in the new furnace.

Another thing you may want to discuss with the contractor is a service contract. By having a contract in place, your furnace will be maintained on a set schedule so it has a lower risk of failure and a longer life.

Contact local furnace installation companies to learn more about the process. 


13 May 2020

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