The Top Questions To Ask Before Choosing A New System Or Scheduling An AC Installation


Do you need an AC installation service? You know you need a new air conditioner. But you're not sure which one to choose. Take a look at the questions to ask before you select a central AC system for your home.

What Is Your Budget?

The cost of a new air conditioner depends on several factors. According to Home Advisor, a new AC system can range between $1,500 and $4,000. The actual price you'll pay depends on:

  • The brand. Like other items you buy for your home, different AC manufacturers charge different prices. Some brands are known as high-priced manufacturers, while others may offer inexpensive or budget-friendly options.
  • The system. Do you need a central air conditioning system or a ductless mini-split option? Each type of system comes with a different price tag.
  • The extras. Air duct installation, a smart thermostat, an air filtration system, or a whole-home dehumidifier could add on to the total price tag of the system.

Along with the cost of the unit or system, you'll also need to pay for the installation labor price. Consider all the costs involved when you set your AC upgrade budget. Discuss the budget with the HVAC contractor before you look at new system models. The contractor can provide you with options that fit into your budget.

What Is Your Time Frame?

How soon do you need a new AC system? The specific model or unit you choose may depend on the answer to this question — especially if the air conditioner isn't currently in stock. When you set your installation time frame, consider:

  • The temperature. Middle of the summer heat may mean you have a shorter time frame for the AC install. But if it's cool outside, you may have flexibility in the installation date.
  • Your schedule. Do you have an upcoming vacation or special event? You may want to schedule the installation before you leave or are in the middle of an intense activity.
  • The installation. How long will the installation service take to complete? A complex system or an air conditioner that comes with extras (such as a de-humidifier or new ductwork) may take longer to install.

Ask the HVAC contractor to detail their projected timeline before you agree to an estimate. This should include the time it will take to get the air conditioner (if the company doesn't already have it in stock) and how many hours or days of labor they expect.

For more information about AC installation, contact a local HVAC contractor.


14 August 2020

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