Be Mindful Of These Strange Signs Of Emergency AC System Repairs


Most property owners view any sign of possible HVAC issues as alarming. It is ideal to respond quickly if issues are suspected. However, it is also a good idea to know which issues you should treat as emergencies and which issues can be treated as standard repairs. 

There are several reasons that you should know what to deem an emergency HVAC situation. First and foremost, properly assessing potentially serious situations can ensure your safety and comfort. The following represent emergency AC situations.

Strange Smells

You might smell a sweet odor in the air if you have a refrigerant leak. This type of sweet-smelling aroma has a peculiar smell that is not pleasant or comparable to harmless sweet smells such as baking desserts. Instead, it is akin to a chemical sweetness. You should treat this as an emergency because leaking refrigerants can result in extensive damages to your AC system. It can also make your family or pets sick from inhaling the gases created by refrigerant leaks. 

Smoky smells could be indicative of parts of your AC system overheating. This can cause system damage. Overheating can also result in a dangerous fire, which is why you should cease operating your AC system based on the smell alone. Waiting until you see where the smell is coming from could mean property damage or bodily injury. 

Must odors are indicative of mold growing somewhere within your AC system. The location will need to be determined by an HVAC technician. Common locations are air ducts and the drainage portions of systems. This is why routine maintenance is recommended because these areas will get inspected and cleaned during servicing. Severe drainage blockages can cause water leaks and damage property.

You may think that mold has a peculiar odor and is harmless. However, it can spread beyond your AC system and contaminate other areas of your home. Other individuals who are allergic to mold may get sick. 

Strange Illnesses

Some individuals may attribute certain signs of sickness to other sources. However, an AC system that needs repairs may cause individuals to get ill. These incidents of illness may occur only when individuals are at home and using their AC systems. They can affect all occupants of a household or possibly only one.

Some examples of symptoms are vomiting, respiratory problems, fatigue, and headaches. Depending on your home's energy source(s), you could have a gas leak, and your AC system could spread toxic gases from gas leaks into your home. An HVAC inspection can determine if there are issues like these present.

Thankfully, you do not have to wait to determine if issues are related to your HVAC system. A 24-hour emergency HVAC service can be used as a resource to detect system issues and make repairs. 


19 August 2020

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