Why Is My Heater Not Turning On?


As we're moving into the cold winter months, many homeowners are turning on their furnaces for the first time. Once they do, they may be surprised to realize that the heater isn't turning on and will call an HVAC company to schedule a heater repair service. There can be several reasons why your furnace isn't functioning properly, many of which are outlined below.

Tripped Breaker

The circuit breaker that's located inside your house is there for safety purposes. Any time a power surge of any kind shoots through your home's energy grid, the breaker that is attached to that circuit will flip and cut the power immediately. This can be caused by too many appliances being plugged into the same outlet, or it could be a simple but harmless power surge. Flip the breaker back on and see if your furnace starts again, but if it continues to flip, contact a professional to have it looked at as you could be dealing with a much bigger issue.

Broken Thermostat

It sounds simple, but many homeowners have called HVAC companies in the past to inquire about their furnace not working correctly when the solution was as simple as turning on the thermostat. Assuming you've already done this, check to see if it's malfunctioning by flipping it over to the air conditioner. If that doesn't work either, then chances are high that your thermostat needs to be fixed or replaced for your HVAC system to work again.

No Energy

No matter if your furnace is powered by gas or electricity, without a fuel source, it simply won't run. For electric furnaces, this could be a wire that has become disconnected; if so, you'll need a professional to reattach this. If you use a gas unit and the gas line is not attached, call your utility company to shut off the power to your house immediately and get everyone out of the house. A gas leak could be potentially fatal if not caught in time, but you're also at risk for a major fire. If the connections are fine and you operate on gas, check the pilot light to see if it's gone out and contact a heater repair technician to reignite it.

Blown Motor

If none of the above solutions rectify the situation, you might have a full system malfunction. You may be able to simply replace the motor and get your furnace working again, but it's best to have a furnace repair technician look at it to see if it's just the motor or if there are more components involved.

To learn more, contact a heating system repair company.


26 October 2020

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