Three Important Considerations For Your New Home Furnace


Before you decide to finalize the purchase of a new heater, there are several different factors to nail down. Choosing the right installation time, choosing the best options and customizations, and finding the best warranties and incentives will make for a convenient process that can save you money.

Time of Installation

Time is a big factor in having a new furnace installed in two different ways.

First, consider what time of year you want your furnace installed. Having it done just before winter can be convenient, but this may drive up the price because demand will be high. Conversely, installing a heating system during periods of low demand can help you save money.

Second, get an estimate for how long the installation itself will take. These installations can take several days, during which your HVAC system may not be usable, so it helps to plan around the weather and whether you'll be home or not.

Installation Options

Having a new furnace installed gives you the opportunity to look at modifications and options that are best taken care of during a new installation.

One example is investing in a zoning system for your ducts. A zoning system sets up different areas of your home as though they are separate from one another, letting you set different temperatures for each zone. This requires setting up dampers in your ducts, so this is best decided early on.

Another example is installing mini ducts, an alternative to standard metal ducts. These ducts are installed as small tubes that can fit under your floors and in your walls, which makes them much more flexible and able to reach more areas. Mini ducts tend to be more energy efficient and result in better air quality than standard ducts, but the upfront cost can be higher as a result.

This is also a good time to see if you want any additional components, such as a smart thermostat, so talk to your installer to see what your options are.

Warranties and Incentives

Once you know what you want, it's time to decide where to buy it from and who's going to install it. Warranties and terms can vary by installers and resellers even if the manufacturer is the same, so it helps to look beyond just the manufacturer's warranty to see what you can get. For example, look for installers who cover their work for at least a year, and look for good deals on extended warranties as well.

Next, check out any benefits you can get because you're having a new heater installed. You may be able to get a federal tax credit, rebates from your state, and even some incentives from your local energy company. You can see what you qualify for by looking at government incentive databases and calling your energy company to see what, if anything, is currently being offered.

To learn more, contact a company that offers heating installation services.


27 October 2020

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