Do You Need To Cover Your AC Unit?


When you aren't using your air conditioner during cooler weather, you might wonder if you need to cover your AC unit. As part of taking care of your complete HVAC system, you may wonder what steps you need to take to protect your air conditioner so that you can use it comfortably as the temperature rises again this spring.

These are some of the questions you need to ask about covering your AC unit.

Is Your AC Unit Tough Enough?

The first thing you should take note of is the fact that your AC unit is tough. By design, it is intended to stand up to all types of weather, including hail and rain. So, you need not spend a lot of time worrying that your unit will be damaged because of rain and other torrential weather during the winter unless something else is wrong with the unit.

Can a Cover Actually Be Detrimental?

In some cases, AC covers may do a lot more damage than you might imagine. For example, a cover might actually damage your unit if it collects water and increases the humidity under the cover. If you don't check out the unit under the cover regularly, you may actually see mold growing. After a while, the components inside the unit could become rusty as well.

Is There Ever a Good Time to Cover Your AC Unit?

Actually, there are some times when it is a good idea to cover your unit, but you should not necessarily cover your unit for a long time. You might want to cover your unit while you are mowing the lawn or blowing leaves around your yard for instance. Uncover the unit after you are done working in your yard so that debris does not work its way into the unit.

What Kind of Cover Should You Use?

For one, avoid covers that trap water inside the unit. You should have some openings for water to escape out the bottom of the unit. You should also use canvas or mesh for this purpose.

You can also use a cover when you expect a major snowstorm. While your AC unit is tough, snow that melts inside the AC unit could damage coils and other parts.

Contact an HVAC Technician

An HVAC technician can help you determine the steps you need to take to protect components of your entire HVAC system. Contact a professional in your area to learn more about whether you should cover your AC unit or not.


4 January 2021

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