Comparing Ducted And Split Air Conditioning Systems


Many households have air conditioning systems. If you intend to buy, replace, or upgrade your air conditioner, you need to find the most appropriate system based on your lifestyle and budget. In particular, you'll need to decide whether to go for ducted air conditioning or split air conditioning. Here are the basic features of both systems to help you make an informed decision.

Mode of Operation

One way to differentiate between ducted and split systems is by how they work. Ducted air conditioners consist of a series of ducts that keep your home cool. The conditioner is placed in a central position like the roof from where a system of ducts runs to different rooms in the house. These ducts cool and heat individual rooms in your home, a process known as zoning. These systems are ideal for maintaining uniform temperature over large areas.

Alternatively, a split system has two components: an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit passes cool air around the room, whereas the outdoor unit releases the heat from the cooled room. With these systems, you can control the temperature of each room. 


Ducted and split systems have different installation procedures. For a ducted system, the ducts and vents have to be installed in every room of the house. The central unit is installed outside. With split systems, though, the internal units are linked with pipes and not ducts. You will need holes in your home for the piping to go through. An evaporator unit will be mounted in each room instead of the vents used in the ducted system installation.

Generally, for large areas, a duct system installation is easier and cost-effective compared to a split system. However, for small spaces, it is simpler and cheaper to use a split system. 


Both these conditioners have units inside and outside the house, but aesthetically they're different. Inside the house, a ducted conditioner is almost easy to miss. You'll only be able to notice it if you see the controller or vents on the wall. On the other hand, the split system has a huge compressor that's installed outside the house. This can be a distraction when decorating your home. Additionally, a split system's indoor units are hung very high on the walls, making them more conspicuous.

When choosing between ducted air conditioning and split air conditioning, it will likely come down to your needs and budget. If you want to cool your whole house and aren't worried about costs, a ducted system is the most appropriate conditioner. However, if you're on a small budget and don't mind cooling one or two rooms, a split system will save you some money. For more information, contact an air conditioning installation company. 


8 February 2021

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