What to Expect From a Professional Drainage Cleaning Service?


Are the drains within your home clogged? With the assistance of a professional drain cleaning service, you can avoid the resultant health hazards and property damage. Besides, the plumber has the right skill and tools to diagnose the drainage system accurately and efficiently fix it without further damage. Professional drain cleaning will not only solve your issue in the short term but also leave your drains cleaner, healthier, and performing efficiently. The following are some of the things a plumber will do for you:

Assessing the Clogged Drainage System

When your plumbing system gets clogged, the culprit is likely to be food scraps, hair, dirt, skin cells, soap scum, or other particles sitting in the drain lines. If your home utilizes hard water, the drainpipe walls might also have a build-up of mineral deposits. Although that happens over a long time, it increases the chances of other particles getting trapped in the drainage system. Where the blockage is severe, plunging won't be enough.

A professional drain cleaning service will assess the system, identify the cause of the blockage and the condition of the entire system. It may also be imperative to inspect the system with a small video camera attached to a flexible cable to establish the location of the blockage and the material causing it. After that, the plumber can remove the blockage and make the drain start flowing again.

Unclogging the Drainage System

Drain cleaning may involve removing stubborn clogs using the snaking method of pushing a long, thin cable into the drain. The line either hooks or breaks the clog on its pointed end. Before snaking your drain, the plumber will assess its length and diameter before deciding whether to hand-crank or motor-operate it. Where the drainage system is damaged by the clog – like tree roots growing into the sewer – the plumber will have to repair the pipe to restore its integrity and eliminate leaks.

The plumber might also establish that the build-up of chemicals is behind the clog in the drainage system, necessitating the use of hydro-jetting to remove any stubborn build-up from inside the drain pipes. If there's an accumulation of organic matter, then the plumber may recommend regular enzymatic drain cleaning, which removes organic matter without damaging the pipes.

Having a clean, efficient drainage system is necessary for your health and comfort. Instead of plunging the procedure, call a drain cleaning service to unclog it without causing further damage. They will assess the system, diagnose the problem, and fix it quickly and efficiently to keep your home running.


18 August 2021

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