4 Easy Tips To Improve Your Air Conditioner's Efficiency


You may not realize it, but your air conditioner may already be one of the most efficient appliances in your home. Air conditioners move energy from place to place rather than creating it, which allows them to cool your home with a shocking level of efficiency. Of course, that doesn't mean that there isn't room for improvement, and even small changes can make a big dent in your utility bills.

These four easy tips will help you cool your home more efficiently, spot problems before they become too severe, and maybe even avoid some costly future repairs.

1. Care For Your Fins

Your outdoor unit needs clean, undamaged fins on the condenser coil to release heat from your refrigerant into the environment. Unfortunately, these fins can build up gunk and dirt over time, and they can even become bent from accidents or storms. Dirty, bent condenser foil fins can significantly reduce system efficiency, leading to a warm home and an overworked system.

Routine once-per-year cleaning (use a low-pressure hose only!) is an excellent way to ensure your condenser stays in perfect shape. You should also have a trained technician examine the condenser annually for signs of damage or other problems.

2. Address Airflow Issues

Anything that reduces system airflow will impact efficiency and cooling potential. Dirty air filters are the top culprit for airflow problems, but you should also ensure your supply and return vents remain clear year-round. If you notice a drop in airflow while the system is running, you should first check for a dirty filter or vent obstructions and contact an HVAC technician if these steps don't resolve the issue.

3. Check Fan Settings

Most thermostats have fan settings for auto, always-on, and recirculate fan modes. During the hot summer months, you should always set your thermostats to "auto." This setting will only turn the blower on if the compressor is also on. The recirculate and always-on modes can blow too much air over the evaporator, resulting in humid interior air, poor cooling, and extra wear on your compressor.

4. Use a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

Changing your thermostat is one of the easiest and cheapest efficiency upgrades you can make for your air conditioning system. A programmable or smart thermostat will allow you to schedule your cooling and automatically keep your temperatures higher when you're not home. These minor improvements can make a big difference in your monthly energy costs.

As a bonus, your system will run less often, which means critical components such as the compressor will wear more slowly. Protecting these components will allow your system to last longer and continue to operate efficiently even as it ages.

For more information on air conditioning, contact a company near you.


8 February 2022

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