Is Your Malfunctioning Thermostat Causing Your AC To Underperform? Find Out How


As is with most households, when summer comes around, you will retreat indoors away from the scorching sun to enjoy the cooling bliss of your AC. However, it can be frustrating when your AC's components malfunction without notice. Since the thermostat monitors the room's temperature, any defect will result in false detection of ambient room temperature. This can result in the AC blowing warm air when it is supposed to blow cool air, causing an uncomfortable dwelling. Below are the impacts of a defective thermostat and why you should hire an AC professional to diagnose and repair it.

Uneven Cooling

A miscalibrated thermostat will pick up ghost readings about the room's temperature causing cool air to be higher or lower than the desired setting. Additionally, if the thermostat is located in an unsuitable position, your AC can turn on and off unexpectedly, causing insufficient cooling to your home. When the thermostat is placed near a heat source or a cooling draft, it may detect higher or cooler ambient temperatures causing uneven cooling. If you notice your house has varying temperatures when your AC is operating, call a professional to fix it promptly.

Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when your AC unit shuts off before complete cooling cycles. When the sensor malfunctions, it may fail to analyze the right temperature, sending faulty signals to the AC. This causes the thermostat to disrupt the cooling cycles. Since short cycling results in high electric bills, it is crucial you hire an AC repairer to fix your thermostat to improve its effectiveness.

Blower Fan Problems

Suppose the wiring extending from the thermostat to the AC is worn out or disconnected. In that case, the blower fan may run continuously without stopping because the thermostat may fail to signal the blower fan to stop when the cooling cycles are complete. An AC pro will examine the thermostat's wiring, insulate, and reconnect the necessary parts for the proper fan assembly operation.

Loss of Cooling

If the thermostat loses connection to the compressor, it may fail to direct the AC. Since batteries power a thermostat, loss of charge can cause a disconnect between the compressor and the thermostat. Additionally, the limit switch may trip due to a faulty thermostat that fails to regulate temperature or overheating, shutting the compressor down.

It can be frustrating when your AC is running but is blowing warm air or insufficiently cooling your home. Hiring an air conditioning repair service is crucial as they will examine your thermostat and fix or replace it to prevent further dysfunction.


1 June 2022

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