5 Air Conditioning System Repairs Tasks That Have A Big Boost On Efficiency


Are you looking to bring down your AC's energy consumption? You could start by taking a look at the tasks you're performing when repairing your system. Some repairs have a bigger impact than others and can make a noticeable difference in how efficiently your AC unit runs. Here are air conditioning system repairs tasks with the biggest improvement in efficiency:

1. Fix Ductwork Cracks

One major reason for AC inefficiency is leaking or damaged ductwork. Your AC unit needs to work harder to get the same results because the cooled air it creates seeps out through the crevices. Increased energy use and higher utility costs may result from this. The cracks may be sealed with tape or sealant by the AC service, which will increase the effectiveness of your AC unit.

2. Check and Correct the Thermostat's Settings

How well your air conditioner operates is greatly influenced by your thermostat. Your air conditioner will run longer than required if the thermostat is not adjusted properly, which will result in higher energy use.

An AC specialist will check and adjust your thermostat as necessary to make sure it is set appropriately. Your AC unit's effectiveness may be greatly impacted by this little procedure.

3. Change a Defective Motor

Your appliance may work harder than required as a result of a damaged AC motor. The motor is in charge of circulating the coolant through the system—if it is malfunctioning, the unit will have to exert more effort to cool your house.

Your AC unit's efficiency will significantly increase if you replace a bad motor. The air conditioning system repair technician also tests it to make sure the AC  can transfer the coolant correctly and function at its best by changing the motor.

4. Refill Leaking Refrigerant

Leaking refrigerant can cause your AC unit to work harder than necessary. The refrigerant is responsible for cooling the air, and if it is leaking, the unit will soon come to a complete halt. Refilling the refrigerant restores the optimal performance of the AC unit.

5. Replace Soiled Filters and Clean the Ducts

Your AC unit may have to work harder than it should due to dirty ducts and filters. The unit may struggle to efficiently chill your house if dirt and debris obstruct the airflow.

You should regularly clean the ductwork and change the filters in your AC unit to keep it operating smoothly. This will make it easier to make sure the appliance has enough airflow to function at its best.

The AC is one of the biggest energy consumers in a home, so it should always be in top shape to avoid inefficiency and rising power costs. Call an air conditioning system repair service if you suspect your unit is the cause of a rising power bill.


27 June 2022

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