3 Reasons You May Need To Call A Heat Pump Repair Company When Your Heat Pump Malfunctions


If your heat pump stops putting out warm air, you'll need to find out why so your house doesn't get too cold. There are a few things that can cause this problem, so you may need a heat pump repair technician to track down the issue and fix it for you. Here are possible causes for your heat pump malfunction.

1. The Condenser Unit Is Blocked

The condenser needs to have adequate airflow or your unit won't work very well. You may not have a problem with weeds in the winter, but snow could be a problem. No matter what season it is, you'll want to check the condenser occasionally to make sure airflow isn't blocked by weeds, snow, or anything else.

Before you call a heat pump repair company for help, check your condenser to make sure it isn't blocked because that's a problem you can fix yourself.

2. The Reversing Valve Is Bad

The reversing valve is an essential component of a heat pump. A heat pump works by blowing out warm air on one side and cool air on the other. The reversing valve switches the direction of the warm and cool airflow. This happens automatically during the winter so warm air can blow over the coils outside to keep them from freezing.

If the valve gets stuck blowing warm air outside, your home will cool down until the valve is repaired. A heat pump repair technician might be able to repair the valve and get it moving properly again, but if not, the valve can be replaced.

3. There Is A Refrigerant Leak

A heat pump operates on refrigerant whether it's making hot or cool air. If the level of refrigerant falls, your unit won't be able to make heat. This is a serious heat pump problem that requires help from a professional. If the refrigerant is leaking out, the repair technician may need to drain it so repairs can be done to the leaky coil or copper line. When the leak is plugged, the refrigerant is filled to the proper pressure.

Working on heat pump refrigerant isn't a DIY repair since you need to be a licensed professional to handle refrigerant.

4. The Compressor Has Failed

One reason it's important to repair a refrigerant leak is that the compressor might fail if you keep running your unit with low refrigerant. A compressor usually costs a lot of money, so you want to protect it from harm when possible. When it goes bad, the repair technician will probably need to replace rather than repair it.


30 November 2022

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