Reasons Your AC Is Freezing Up


Air conditioning is necessary when outdoor temperatures are soaring during summertime. Unfortunately, your cooling unit is subject to wear and tear, making it vulnerable to malfunctions. For instance, an AC can freeze, reducing the cooling output in your home. This may result in weak airflow from the vents, leading to inconsistent temperatures. It is advised to call an AC services professional immediately after you notice your cooling unit is frozen. They will identify the problematic components and fix them. The following are some reasons your AC is freezing up.

Clogged Air Filter

AC filters trap debris and other airborne particulates, ensuring clean air circulation. However, these filters may get clogged with contaminants, impeding airflow. Consequently, little air will flow through the evaporator coil for cooling. Because of that, the refrigerant flows without adequate air for heat absorption, making the pressure fall drastically. Eventually, the coil will freeze, hindering heat transfer between the coolant and warm air. To avert this, you should engage professional AC repair services routinely. The experts will clean or change your filters to ensure proper airflow.

Low Refrigerant 

If the outdoor unit becomes loose, it will generate severe vibrations. As a result, the access fittings and connections become loose, leaking the refrigerant. On the other hand, coolant lines can deteriorate from corrosion. For instance, condensation and organic compounds can react, resulting in formic corrosion that leaks the coolant through tiny holes. As a result, the pressure in the indoor unit will drop, freezing the coil. In this case, an AC specialist must patch the leaks and firmly secure the outdoor unit. They will also top the refrigerant to appropriate levels, ensuring maximum cooling power.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

If you turn on the AC after a long period of inactivity, you may notice dust from the vents. Usually, dirt accumulates gradually in the coil and vents. The dirt insulates the coil, impeding heat exchange between the coolant and warm air. This makes the coil too cold and eventually freezes. Therefore, you should contact an AC repair service expert to clean your coil. A clean coil facilitates effective heat exchange.

Clogged Drain Pipe

Dirt and grime may accumulate in the drain pipe if you fail to service your system. For instance, debris can block the drain pipe, causing too much condensation on the coil. Subsequently, the coil may ice up, hindering it from dehumidifying the incoming air. In that case, you need to hire an AC service contractor to clear the drain line.

A frozen AC is vulnerable to premature failure. Therefore, you should book routine maintenance checks with an AC repair services technician to ensure optimal system performance. 


20 January 2023

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