Replacing A Bad Gas Ignitor Is A Common Residential Furnace Repair


A common residential furnace repair is replacing a bad ignitor in a gas furnace. This repair is fairly common because ignitors have a shorter lifespan than other parts of the furnace. Here's how an ignitor is supposed to work, signs the ignitor is bad, and how a residential furnace repair technician can replace a bad gas ignitor.

The Ignitor Creates The Flame In Your Furnace 

When the thermostat triggers your furnace to turn on, electricity is sent to the ignitor. The ignitor heats up so when the gas valve turns on, the gas ignites to start the gas burners. When the ignitor turns on, you'll hear a click. Shortly after the click, you should see a flame in your furnace.

Your Burners Can't Turn On Without An Ignitor

One sign of a bad ignitor is when your furnace blows cool air. This happens because the blower turns on, but without heat being produced, the air coming out of the ducts isn't warm. Another sign of a bad ignitor is when you don't hear the clicking noise when the furnace kicks on. You also won't see any flames. A safety mechanism may kick in when the ignitor goes bad that keeps your furnace from turning on until it's reset or repairs are done.

A Bad Ignitor Has To Be Replaced

A residential furnace repair technician has to replace a bad ignitor since it can't be repaired. Ignitors are fragile. They break easily, and even touching the metal part with your fingers can cause damage. A new ignitor has to be handled carefully so it isn't broken while trying to install it.

Other than having to be very careful, replacing a bad ignitor is easy to do. Sourcing the part may not be easy for you as a homeowner, but a furnace repair technician can find the part at an HVAC wholesale store. The first step in replacing the part is to pull out the old ignitor. This involves pulling off the wires and then removing the screw that holds the ignitor in place.

Then the new ignitor is put in and secured with the screw. The wiring is attached, and the new ignitor is ready to be tested by turning the furnace on and resetting it so a heating cycle starts. The technician listens for the click and watches for the flame and ignition of the burners.

Replacing a bad gas ignitor is a fairly easy and quick furnace repair, so costs for labor are fairly low. Plus, ignitors are usually inexpensive parts. This makes it easier to get your furnace repaired quickly so you can get your house warmed up again.

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13 February 2023

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