2 Reasons Why You Should Not Replace Your Home's Central Air Conditioning System Yourself


If your home's old central air conditioner has started to wear out and is no longer keeping your home comfortable, you may have decided that you need to replace it before the heat of summer arrives. Because of this, you may have already selected a new unit and are thinking about doing the work of removing the old system and installing the new one yourself. 

However, you should rethink your idea of replacing the air conditioner yourself. Besides voiding the warranty on the new system, there are a couple of reasons why you should have a professional replace your home's central air conditioning system yourself instead of attempting to do the job yourself.   

1. You Do Not Have the Required Certifications and Training to Remove the Old Unit and Charge the New A/C System

One reason why you should reconsider doing the work involved in replacing your home's central A/C system is that you do not have the required certifications and training to work with the refrigerant it uses. Especially if you have an older unit, you need to be certified to dispose of an air conditioner that contains Freon, otherwise, you can be hit with fines.

Even if the new unit uses a different refrigerant, you still need to be trained to charge the system. A professional already has the certifications and training necessary to get rid of the old unit and charge the new replacement system.

2. You Need Knowledge and Skills to Inspect, Fix, and Replace Any Connections to the Unit, Such as Ductwork and Electrical Lines

Another reason why you should have an HVAC professional replace your home's old central air conditioner instead of doing it yourself is that they know how to check all connections before the new one is installed. After the old unit is replaced, you may not have the knowledge and skills necessary to inspect, fix, and repair any problems with the connections to the unit.

If you install the replacement system without ensuring that such connections as the ductwork and electrical lines are intact and fully operational, you will have problems in the near future. A professional will make sure that any possible issues with the connections are fixed before the replacement A/C unit is installed.

Besides not having the proper training and certifications to dispose of the old unit and charge the new system, you need the skills and knowledge necessary to make sure that the connections for the new air conditioner are still intact and operational. You will also void the system's warranty if you do not have a professional perform the work involved with the A/C system replacement.

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10 May 2023

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