Don't Neglect Your HVAC


There are a lot of reasons why you should make sure to take proper care of your HVAC system. Neglecting certain areas of its care can lead to all kinds of problems ranging from higher electric bills and unnecessary HVAC repair bills to triggering allergies and dealing with uncomfortable temperatures in your home. This article will go over the problems not maintaining your HVAC system can bring and ways they could have been avoided.

9 May 2018

Save Energy This Summer: 5 Tips


Your air conditioner is going to keep you cool in the summer and lower the temperature in your house, but it may raise your energy bill. This extra cost may have you scrambling to pay your bill. Keep your energy bill down this summer by following the tips below. Keep The Air Conditioner "On" That's right, keep the air conditioner set to "on". If you turn it off, you'll only end up raising the humidity level in your home.

22 March 2018

How To Clean And Maintain Your Heat Pump


Heat pumps are central to AC systems. If your heat pump is not clean and working properly, your air might not be as cold as it supposed to be. Additionally, you might end up with large utility bills from more electricity consumption. It is a good idea to clean your heat pumps  every spring so you will be ready for the summer heat. This article explains the best methods for cleaning and maintaining a healthy heat pump.

5 January 2018

3 Signs That Your HVAC System Needs Tuning Up


Nearly every home nowadays has an HVAC system installed in their home. This is great because it can keep your home a comfortable temperature year round, and each year the systems are getting more and more efficient. But too many people fail to recognize that just because they system is working properly doesn't mean that it doesn't need some kind of maintenance. Here are some things you should be looking for in your system to know it is time for some air conditioning repair.

5 January 2018

Tips For Minimizing Your Heating Costs This Winter


Winter is here and people are starting to turn the heaters on for the season. Depending on where you live, your heating costs can cause your gas or electricity bill to increase. If you are looking to keep costs as low as possible, you may be looking for tips that can help you to minimize your heating costs. Here are a few of the best ways to reduce your heating costs this winter.

15 November 2017

How a New HVAC Installation Can Save You Money


Putting in a new HVAC unit in your home might be something that you are interested in, but you could be wondering if it's a good financial decision. You could be concerned about the amount of money that you're going to have to spend to install a new unit, but the truth is that you might actually save quite a bit of money by making this decision. These are a few reasons why.

10 October 2017

How To Insulate Your Ducts


Are you looking for a simple project to increase the efficiency of your heater? If so, you should consider adding fiberglass insulation to your exposed ducts. Depending on the design of your home, there could be anywhere from 2 to 200 feet of exposed ducting in your home. These exposed sections are the most vulnerable to heat loss. If you have a lot of exposed ducts in your home, your heating bills will be unnecessarily high.

2 February 2017

How To Minimize The Visual Impact Of An AC Condenser Unit


At the heart of your home's cooling system is the condenser unit--in other words, that large, boxy thing sitting out there in your backyard. To many people, the condenser represents a highly intrusive element in their yard's design. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies to reduce the visual impact of an air conditioning condenser unit. Read on to learn four different yet equally effective tactics. Install an ornamental fence around it.

15 December 2016

HVAC Maintenance Practices Around The Home That Can Prevent Mold Growth


Mold growth is a huge concern in a home for numerous reasons. Not only can mold growth detract from the appearance of a home's interior, but it can also cause odor issues and even lead to severe health problems over time. Fortunately, there are numerous HVAC maintenance practices that a homeowner can keep up on to ensure that mold growth won't become a problem. The following are five important HVAC maintenance practices that can prevent mold growth

20 October 2016

What To Do About Moldy Attic Insulation


Mold generally can't grow on fiberglass insulation, but occasionally you may find mold stains when you are inspecting the attic. This is because either the roof above has become moldy and it is sifting down on top of the insulation, or there is dust on the insulation that is providing a habitat for mold growth. Regardless of the cause, this can indicate a major problem. The following guide can help you find the cause so that it can be fixed.

24 July 2016