3 Things To Know If Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down In The Middle Of The Night


If your home air conditioning system stops working in the middle of the night, then you might be hoping that you can resolve the problem right away. Here are some of the things that you should know if your air conditioning system breaks down in the middle of the night. 1. You May Be Able to Use an Emergency Service First of all, don't assume that you have to wait until the next day to call someone to come out and repair your air conditioning system.

14 January 2019

Using Your Furnace To Tackle Wintertime Allergies


Spring and summer aren't the only times of the year when allergies strike. Wintertime allergies can also pose a problem for vulnerable adults, children and the elderly, especially with so much time being spent indoors where allergens can thrive. With the help of your heating system, however, you can take steps to make your home safer for indoor allergy sufferers. Common Indoor Allergies Not all allergens come from the great outdoors.

8 December 2018

Why Your HVAC Is Tripping Circuit Breaker


You have a serious problem on your hands if your HVAC's circuit breaker keeps tripping every time you reset it. In fact, after the first two times, you should stop resetting the breaker until the issue is diagnosed and resolved. Otherwise, you may cause further problems for your wiring or HVAC system. Here are some of the reasons an HVAC may trip up the circuit breaker: The HVAC Has Air Circulation Issues

26 October 2018

3 Ways To Cut Cooling Costs In Your Commercial Building


Are cooling costs for your building taking a big chunk out of your business's bottom line? Or do you own a commercial building where you cover the heating and air conditioning costs for your tenants? If so, air conditioning costs may be one of your largest expense items. That's especially true if you operate in an area that experiences hot temperatures in the summer months. The good news is that there are steps you can take to maintain a comfortable work environment while also reducing your energy costs.

25 September 2018

4 Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioner Working


The last thing you may want to deal with during the heat of summer is an air conditioning unit that isn't working properly. This could make your summer season a miserable time and may cause you a lot of stress. It's in your best interest to do all you can to help keep your cooling system working as well as it should. Being aware of tips that will enable you to do so is sure to be extremely beneficial.

20 July 2018

When Your Furnace Isn't Heating Properly: Troubleshooting Tips


If your home isn't as warm as it should be, it may be that your furnace isn't working properly. There are some things you can check to get your furnace working properly so that you aren't left in the cold. Read on for some troubleshooting tips. Is the Thermostat Working? Take a look at your thermostat to see that it is in good working order. Make sure it is switched on and is turned on to the "

20 July 2018

Reasons Why Your Boiler May Start To Leak


If you live in a cold climate, then you want to make sure your boiler is working perfectly. Leaks not only cause your boiler to be less effective, but it can also cause damage to the surrounding area. Therefore, you should track down and stop any leaks as soon as possible. However, determining the exact cause for the leak may be difficult. Here are four of the more common reasons why your boiler is dripping or leaking.

16 June 2018

Don't Neglect Your HVAC


There are a lot of reasons why you should make sure to take proper care of your HVAC system. Neglecting certain areas of its care can lead to all kinds of problems ranging from higher electric bills and unnecessary HVAC repair bills to triggering allergies and dealing with uncomfortable temperatures in your home. This article will go over the problems not maintaining your HVAC system can bring and ways they could have been avoided.

9 May 2018

Save Energy This Summer: 5 Tips


Your air conditioner is going to keep you cool in the summer and lower the temperature in your house, but it may raise your energy bill. This extra cost may have you scrambling to pay your bill. Keep your energy bill down this summer by following the tips below. Keep The Air Conditioner "On" That's right, keep the air conditioner set to "on". If you turn it off, you'll only end up raising the humidity level in your home.

22 March 2018

How To Clean And Maintain Your Heat Pump


Heat pumps are central to AC systems. If your heat pump is not clean and working properly, your air might not be as cold as it supposed to be. Additionally, you might end up with large utility bills from more electricity consumption. It is a good idea to clean your heat pumps  every spring so you will be ready for the summer heat. This article explains the best methods for cleaning and maintaining a healthy heat pump.

5 January 2018