Reasons Your AC Is Freezing Up


Air conditioning is necessary when outdoor temperatures are soaring during summertime. Unfortunately, your cooling unit is subject to wear and tear, making it vulnerable to malfunctions. For instance, an AC can freeze, reducing the cooling output in your home. This may result in weak airflow from the vents, leading to inconsistent temperatures. It is advised to call an AC services professional immediately after you notice your cooling unit is frozen. They will identify the problematic components and fix them.

20 January 2023

Can You Tell That Your AC Is Developing Complications Before It Breaks Down? 3 Warning Signs


Few things are worse than your air conditioner breaking down in the middle of a hot day. Even worse, most people believe there is little they can do to prevent this from happening. However, there are countless guidelines that you can follow to check whether your air conditioner is developing complications. More so, an AC repair expert can resolve minor issues before the system stops altogether. Here are the top three warning signs to watch out for.

5 January 2023