End Of Summer Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist


The end of summer is near. As temperatures begin to cool down, you will stop using your air conditioning unit. When your unit is last used, you should take certain steps to help keep your air conditioning unit in good condition during the winter. Here is a checklist of important things you should do at the end of summer for your air conditioning unit.  Replace the Filter in Your Air Conditioner At the end of summer, you should take the time to replace the filter in your air conditioning unit.

31 August 2019

What To Consider When Investing In A New Commercial Refrigeration System


Many industries rely on commercial refrigeration equipment each day. This equipment is designed to maintain cool temperatures within a large space. The type of refrigeration equipment you choose to install can have a direct effect on the success of your business over time. Consider these important factors before purchasing a commercial refrigeration system so that you can set your business up for success once the installation is complete. Space Limitations

25 July 2019

3 Tips That Will Save You Money on Heating Repairs


There are a lot of costs that you have to worry about as a homeowner, including the cost of taking care of your home heating and air conditioning unit. You might be wondering if there is anything that you can do to reduce these costs. For example, if you know that there is something wrong with your heating system right now, you could be hoping to come up with a way to cut costs.

25 June 2019

Is Your Home A Secret Plumbing Disaster?


Nobody likes dealing with plumbing problems, but there's a huge difference between minor leaks and major problems. Every home will eventually suffer from a clogged drain, low water pressure, or other minor plumbing annoyances but in most cases, these are limited problems that don't signal something worse waiting in the wings. However, minor problems can sometimes indicate a much larger issue lurking in your home's plumbing or septic system. Keep an eye out for these symptoms so that small problems can be tackled before they become massive headaches.

18 May 2019

Important Reasons To Have Your AC Serviced Annually Even If Your AC Is New


If your air conditioner is fairly new, you may be tempted to skip the annual maintenance call in order to save some money. However, even new air conditioners need to be serviced regularly. The price for an annual tuneup is not that expensive, especially when compared to the cost of repairs you might need if you run your AC when it's dirty. Here's why you should have AC maintenance on an annual basis starting when your air conditioner is new.

10 April 2019

3 Types Of Air Conditioners To Choose From


Keeping your home at a pleasant temperature is a key part of maintaining your overall comfort. In the heat of summer, ceiling fans and standing fans may not provide enough relief. Air conditioners are the most effective way to cool any home, regardless of size. However, there are many different varieties of air conditioner to choose from. Here are three different types of air conditioner you can have installed: 1. Ductless split air conditioner

23 February 2019

3 Things To Know If Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down In The Middle Of The Night


If your home air conditioning system stops working in the middle of the night, then you might be hoping that you can resolve the problem right away. Here are some of the things that you should know if your air conditioning system breaks down in the middle of the night. 1. You May Be Able to Use an Emergency Service First of all, don't assume that you have to wait until the next day to call someone to come out and repair your air conditioning system.

14 January 2019