Replacing A Bad Gas Ignitor Is A Common Residential Furnace Repair


A common residential furnace repair is replacing a bad ignitor in a gas furnace. This repair is fairly common because ignitors have a shorter lifespan than other parts of the furnace. Here's how an ignitor is supposed to work, signs the ignitor is bad, and how a residential furnace repair technician can replace a bad gas ignitor. The Ignitor Creates The Flame In Your Furnace  When the thermostat triggers your furnace to turn on, electricity is sent to the ignitor.

13 February 2023

Reasons Your AC Is Freezing Up


Air conditioning is necessary when outdoor temperatures are soaring during summertime. Unfortunately, your cooling unit is subject to wear and tear, making it vulnerable to malfunctions. For instance, an AC can freeze, reducing the cooling output in your home. This may result in weak airflow from the vents, leading to inconsistent temperatures. It is advised to call an AC services professional immediately after you notice your cooling unit is frozen. They will identify the problematic components and fix them.

20 January 2023

Can You Tell That Your AC Is Developing Complications Before It Breaks Down? 3 Warning Signs


Few things are worse than your air conditioner breaking down in the middle of a hot day. Even worse, most people believe there is little they can do to prevent this from happening. However, there are countless guidelines that you can follow to check whether your air conditioner is developing complications. More so, an AC repair expert can resolve minor issues before the system stops altogether. Here are the top three warning signs to watch out for.

5 January 2023

What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Is Not Running


If your air conditioner is not turning on when the temperature inside of your home is beginning to rise, it could be a sign of a problem with your HVAC system. As the temperature gets hotter outside, your air conditioner is going to begin to run that much harder to keep up with the temperature you need it to be inside of your home. All of this extra demand can weigh on your system, and it can really weigh on older, outdated units.

16 December 2022

3 Reasons You May Need To Call A Heat Pump Repair Company When Your Heat Pump Malfunctions


If your heat pump stops putting out warm air, you'll need to find out why so your house doesn't get too cold. There are a few things that can cause this problem, so you may need a heat pump repair technician to track down the issue and fix it for you. Here are possible causes for your heat pump malfunction. 1. The Condenser Unit Is Blocked The condenser needs to have adequate airflow or your unit won't work very well.

30 November 2022

3 Major Air Conditioning System Repairs You Might Need And How To Avoid Them


An air conditioning system is expensive, so you want yours to last a long time. It's worth the investment to maintain and repair your equipment so you can prolong the life of your AC. Some parts of an air conditioner are inexpensive and the repairs are affordable. Other parts are costly and lead to the need for major repairs. Here are some major air conditioning system repairs you might need and how to prevent them when possible.

11 November 2022

Reasons to Have Your AC Condenser Coil Cleaned


The condenser coil is a major part of your air conditioning system. This is the coil that is filled with refrigerant. The refrigerant inside the coil expands, which cools the coil. That coolness is then transferred to air that passes through the air conditioner, and then the blower unit blows the cool air through the ducts. One of the most important maintenance tasks for your air conditioner is having this condenser coil cleaned.

20 October 2022